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After witnessing a man in a dark costume lose his life in a battle with a group of terrorists, the life of Dr. Kevin Trench would never be the same. He unmasked the lifeless body only to find that it was an older version of himself.

In a panic, he stripped his older self of the costume and went into hiding on an island. In a bid to avoid his violent death, he decided that if he never put on the suit, he could avoid his destiny.

Soon after, the criminal known as Alfredo Morelli washed ashore on the island Dr. Trench had been hiding on. Trench tended to him, and restored his health. His kindness was repaid by treachery, when Morelli stole part of the costume and began calling himself "The Gauntlet". Deciding that he couldn't hide forever, Trench set out after him and began to investigate how the costume came to be.

Abilities and Accessories

Nightwatch wore a battle suit made up of self-replicating nanites. The suit could repair itself, suppress pain, and enhance his own speed, strength and senses to superhuman levels. The mask also housed an oxygen filtration system and could see into the infrared light spectrum. Utilizing his cape, Nightwatch could glide, create limited darkness and razor-sharp tentacles.

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