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Each cover has a photograph of a female model in the costume of the title character, and features a story of each character inside the book. 

The Nightveil side of the book deals with yet another addition to Nightveil's origin and features her as she appeared as the "Blue Bulleteer".  A sorcerer "Rocksorr" and a sorceress "Alizarin Crimson" decide to kidnap Senator Thomas Wright during 1956 as he is Laura Wright's (aka Blue Bulleteer/Nightveil) father.  Alizarin Crimson is a young girl in this time but already a powerful sorceress under Rocksorr's tutelage and knows that the Blue Bulleteer must be destroyed because she becomes Nightveil, her greatest enemy of the magic arts.

Laura Wright, in 1956, is the crime fighter known as the Blue Bulleteer and attempts to rescue her father but becomes trapped by Rocksorr in a time warp/alternate dimension.  However, Nightveil and her mentor Azagoth had known about this event before it would happen as Nightveil had started to become incorporeal in the future and her witching cloak started to disappear.   Azagoth sends Nightveil back in time via the same dimension where her "old" self as the Blue Bulleteer is trapped.   

Nightveil finds the pistols she used as the Blue Bulleteer in this dimension and tosses them to herself as the Blue Bulleteer just as a demon is about to devour her.  The Blue Bulleteer uses the pistols and destroys the demon and the dimension begins to fluctuate. The Blue Bulleteer survives and returns to the castle where the dimension had initially opened but does not find Alzarin Crimson, who disappears via her own powers. 

The Blue Bulleteer returns to her life of crime fighting and meets up with the Black Commando her beau and crime fighting partner for more adventures but in the alternate reality dimension, Nightveil encounters Alzarin Crimson, now grown up and a powerful sorceress. 

However, Alazarin Crimson is spouting off and just as she is about to send Nightveil back in the time stream, Nightveil uses the opportunity to cast a teleportation spell and the attempt by Alizarin Crimson to send her into the timestream is deflected and the spell backfires, sending Alizarin Crimson herself into the timestream. 

The second story is a reprint of issue #5 that deals with Nightveil's origin and the Black Commando.  It is illustrated by Erik Larsen with inks by Bill Black.

The third story is written as a case file type study by a psychiatrist that is evaluating Nightveil and her teammates for purposes of the Government to evaluate Nightveil and  FemForce, the team which Nightveil joins.  There are brief illustrated cameos by Ms. Victory,  She-Cat, and Tara,  The Avenger and also Colt and the Black Commando in this third story.







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