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ALL COLOR!!! Trying to rejoin the “real” world after her years of arcane studies, Nightveil assumes her Laura Wright identity to try to regain control of her familie’s financial holdings. When her own attorney tries to kill her, Nightveil doen’t suspect that he is actually a slave of Umbra, Voodoo Priestess!! While trying to help guest star The Shade to control the spirit voices that assail him, she is drawn into fiery battle with zombies in a rotting New Orleans mansion. Will she survive long enough to join the Femforce? “Voodoo Moon” is written by Steve Ringgenberg, drawn by Mark Heike, and inked by Doug(The Flash)Hazlewood. While Nirvana escapes, The Scarlet Scorpion is pulleed into the machinations of the Asian master criminal Kuromoko, in “Masks”. Written by Rik Levins, drawn by Erik Larsen, and inked by Rick Burchett. Guest-starring The Masquerader.Color painted cover by Dave Dorman, interiors are all color. 36 pages, standard comic book format.

This issue features a story with Nightveil and The Shade, as they both encounter the mad voodoo priestess Umbra.

Azagoth, Nightveil's magical and dimensional mentor, gives instruction to Nightveil about her powers and how wield them effectively and cautions her against how not to react to certain negative emotions as they can affect her spells and even take over her soul.

Envious of Nightveil, she sets out to use her magic to destroy Nightveil but its the spells which alert Shade, who is attuned to such malevolent forces. The Shade arrives at Nightveil's sanctum to warn her a powerful force has been unleashed against her.

Umbra, The Shade and Nightveil engage in battle as Umbra indeed unleashes her forces of evil, utilizing her voodoo magic against the duo.

There is a back-up story featuring Scarlet Scorpion, continuing from last issue, as Scarlet Scorpion discovers there is some deception afoot and decides to investigate on his own, but it results with negative consequences for him.







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