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ALL COLOR!!! Caught in a battle between two fanatical factions Femforcer Nightveil is drawn into a confrontation with N’Shuggoth The Unspeakable- spawn of Chaos, first and last of The Mad Gods. When she thought the demon worm wanted to kill her, it was bad enough-imagine her shock when the thing looks upon her as-the perfect MATE!! “The Kiss” is written by Steve Ringgenberg, drawn by Mark Heike, and inked by Doug (Death Of Superman) Hazlewood. Then The Scarlet Scorpion trades punches, gunshots and knifeblades with a distaff contract killer in “Nighttime With Nirvana!!” Script and art by Rik Levins and Erik (Savage Dragon) Larsen, with inks by Don Hillsman. Guest starring Inspector Trent, Dr Judy Weissman, Kuromoko and Mark (The Terror) Benton.

This issue continues the story after Issue #2 as Nightveil is captured by an interdimensional insectoid like creature who is revealed to be a type of mad deity in its realm.

A battle ensues between Nightveil and "N'Shuggoth" after N'Shuggoth transforms to a somewhat humanoid form in the appearance of a male human being with small horns on its head. N"Shuggoth attempts to enthrall Nightveil with his demands but she refuses.

Soon after, Nightveil returns to Earth to encounter the warring factions of the occult group to rescue the young psychic girl and her sister.

There is a back-up story featuring Scarlet Scorpion.

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