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Nightveil #1

Nightveil  was also known as the Blue Bulleteer during the 1940's in AC Comics' universe and resembled the Phantom Lady in costume and crime fighting techniques. 

This issue does not delve into her origin as one would expect from a first issue but instead focuses on two stories involving Nightveil versus her dark magic enemies, Tharu-Oron and Gorgana. 

Each story involves the use of magic and alternate realities/dimensions, etc. and are relatively quick reads. 

The art is competent, and the "good girl" art aspect of it is nicely done but in some later panels where there are other side characters, the artist didn't seem to take much effort in those areas and it shows. 

However, Nightveil #1 should be included in your collection if you are interested in FemForce or just Nightveil as the cover is very nice and most of the good girl art is also nicely done.  The stories are just O.K. but at least you are introduced to some concepts and characters in Nightveil's story line.  I think this first issue should have dealt more with her origin but this happens in a later issue. 


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