Is there any other information on Nightstar?

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Maybe her storyline or relationships or something?

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She is a very obscure character so it's not going to be easy. I could surf around the net for something but these days I'm too busy. I promise that I will check it out when I finish.

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I found this information on

Nightstar has inherited many of the powers of her mother, Starfire, and has learned many of the skills of her father, Red Robin (formerly Nightwing, formerly Robin). She is capable of projecting powerful blasts of violet energy from her hands and can fly at amazing speeds.

Mar'i Grayson has taken up the role of rumbler mainly as a way of rebelling against her father, Dick Grayson. In truth, her parents raised her better than that, and she was actually just channeling aggression after the death (or maybe departure, as suggested by The Kingdom) of her mother. Nightstar survived the destruction of Kingdom Come and currently lives with her father and "grandfather", Bruce Wayne, as well as her new love interest, Ibn al Xu'ffasch.

In the timeline of The Kingdom she had taken up residence in New Oa as head of its security force and traveled to 1998 to stop Gog's reign of terror.

Nightstar is a very stunning young woman. She has long, night-black hair and slightly golden-tinged skin, and her eyes glow green. She wears a purple costume that could be described as quite revealing. When Nightstar flies, she leaves a trail of violet energy 2 APs (40 feet) behind her.

Although she was a rumbler, Nightstar did not have a taste for mass destruction and injury to innocents. She is obstinate, strong-willed, and self-centered, but she is generally good at heart. Although she is rebellious toward her father, she cares for him very deeply.

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