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Despite being born into poverty, Tilda Johnson learned that she had a natural aptitude for science. She began her criminal career when she was a teenager.


Nightshade was created by Steve Englehart and Alan Weiss in 1973 and first appeared in Captain America # 164.

Story Arcs

Over the years she has worked with a wide variety of criminals, developed methods to turn normal humans into obedient werewolves with a little help from Yellowclaw, and was second-in-command of Superia's Femizons.

Later on, Nightshade tried to start her life over without crime. Despite her skill and intelligence, the only medical job she was able to get was as a receptionist - she was self-taught and, as such, had no official degrees. She was promptly fired after pointing out a mistake made by one of the doctors.

Despondent, she was considering suicide until MODOK contacted her to hire her for a heist. She agreed, feeling as though she had already used up all her second chances and couldn't afford to turn down MODOK's offer.

More recently she was contacted by Misty Knight and was employed by the Heroes for Hire. She fought against the new Death-Stalker but quit the team early on.


Nightshade is a brilliant scientist and has displayed expertise in the fields of biochemistry, genetics, cybernetics, robotics and physics. She is a proficient unarmed combatant, having been extensively trained in martial arts and acrobatics during her time with the Femizons, and is known to use her beauty and personality to cause others to underestimate her.

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