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Patrolling the city one day, Venom came across an armed man trying to rob or kill an old man. Venom stopped him and knocked him out even after the man claimed to be a government agent. To prove to his once-girlfriend Beck that he wasn’t a killer, Venom brought the two men back to the city under San Francisco.

When the two men came to, the story was explained. The old man had been part of a team called the Stalkers. One day their plane crashed and all his teammates were bonded with alien technology. He escaped but his teammates were hunting him down. The other man was a government agent and he believed the old man and he was trying to help him.

While Knight, Venom and Vengeance follow leads and hunted them down, the Stalkers were getting more upgrades and their hostages were worrying. The good guys made their way to where the Stalkers were hiding and the two sides fought. The Stalkers were getting their butts handed to them until their leader strapped bombs to Beck and her friend and forced Venom and Vengeance to go into a teleporter so the real hunt could begin. If they didn’t go through, the Stalkers would kill Venom’s friends. When they went through the teleporter they were sent to a random spot on the planet.   

Venom and Vengeance both landed in jungles but not together. Venom killed one of the Stalkers after him and Vengeance killed one too. They soon bumped into each other and found (and killed) a third. Meanwhile back at the Stalkers’ base (a space ship underground), Knight tried to free the girls being held captive but was attacked by the ships defenses. The walls of the vessel tried to turn them all into more Stalker robots.

Back in the jungle, Venom and Vengeance were fighting the lead Stalker. He was the last one but he had the strength of all his fallen brothers. Things were made worse because the area was on fire, which weakened Venom. Vengeance was able to blow up the Stalker and he and Venom escaped, but after they left, the robot came out of the debris and said, “The hunt continues.” 

 Venom and Vengeance got back to their friends right as the techno-organic virus was about to fully take over their bodies. To free them, the two “heroes” destroyed the ship severing the control of the machines. The group returned to the city beneath San Francisco where they were attacked by a further upgraded version of the last remaining Stalker. Calling himself The Stalker, he attacked. They were all teleported back to the jungle where they fought furiously. Right before Venom killed The Stalker, the machine mentioned knowing about a race of symbiotes. After the enemy was dead, Venom wondered if he had been telling the truth.

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