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Bob White was a professional wrestler, constantly traveling the country to compete in matches. What was unknown to the general public, however was that he and his young friend , Terry Wake, were also secretly Nightmare and Sleepy, scourges of the underworld! The two regularly encounter crime and villainy wherever they journeyed.

Nightmare & Sleepy possessed no extraordinary powers, but Nightmare's frightening skeleton-like costume was designed to give them a psychological edge against criminals ( ie just like Bat-man ).

Nightmare's second costume.

Nightmare would later trade in his skeletal costume in favor of a more traditional superhero outfit.


Nightmare and Sleepy appeared in Clue Comics 1-12, with two stories printed in no. 6. Nightmare also appeared in Clue Comics vol. 2 nos. 1-2 with a new origin and no sidekick.

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