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Five years after Freddy Krueger was thought to be dead, he returns when a family known as the Walshes moves into the former home of Nancy Thompson. Haunting the dreams of the teenage son in the family, Jesse Walsh. Freddy tries to use him to commit murders and to enter the real world. Its up to Jesse and his girlfreind  Lisa Webber to stop Freddy before its too late.







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This is a Nightmare 0

The 1st Nightmare on Elmstreet and the reboot may be good but the second film; Nightmare on Elmstreet 2 Freddy's revenge was pretty awful. I didn't like the plot. Freddy comes back but tries using someones body as a host so he can kill people. One thing I don't get was isn't Krueger powerless in real world besides increased stregnth and duarability? It seemed like he was in one scene in the real world using powers he usually would in the dream world;unless all the other kids were sleeping at onc...

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Sophmoric Slump 0

NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2 : FREDDYS REVENGE : I like the opening scene, with the school bus caught on the peak of a rock column. That and the fact that the girl isn't your typical bimbo. On the downside, it takes Freddy out of the dream world. Big mistake. Possession is not Freddys Forte...

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It's A Wonder This Series Ever Made it to Movie #3 0

It's amazing that the Nightmare on Elm Street series lasted so long when you see just how far it had fallen by the first sequel. A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge goes pretty seriously off-track. To begin with, Freddy isn't really getting revenge on anyone this time, the subtitle would have been more appropriate for the first movie where he actually was taking his revenge on the people who killed him by attacking their children, but this time he's just attacking some random new kids ...

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