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Super Freedy isn't so super. 0

Like I said before Nightmare on Elmstreet movies rank from good, to ok , to terribly poor. This is one of the dumber films with the classic dream slasher. The film of coarse revolves around teenagers caught up in the chaos that Krueger brings. The film starts out with the lead Actress playing a girl named, Alice having a dream about taking a shower which seems like a rather strange thing to dream about and Freddy almost drowns her but she breaks through the shower and falls in some kind of asylu...

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Ghost Rider Indeed 0

NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 5 THE DREAM CHILD : This is actually one of the more imaginitive entries into the series. It has a silly premise, Alices baby is dreaming and Freddy is filling it with the souls of his victems to create an heir. Yet that in itself shows that this time they wanted to push the limits. Granted you get the same lame teen actors, as a matter of fact the only name besides Englund is Kelly Jo Minter (Otherwise known as the black girl from Summer School). Yet the killings themsel...

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