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The Dream Master 0

Nightmare on Elmstreet movies range from good,average,and poor. This goes in the average range I think. The plot comes off of the 3rd movie which I haven't seen so I was a tad confused with the abilities that the girl had in the beginning but I quickly got it. The "dream warriors" from the third movie think they got rid of Freddy but Freddy finds a way back through Kristin's ability to pull others into her dreams. Freddy goes on an onslaught of killing and kills her friends and later her. Unfort...

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A step Away from Good 0

NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 6 FREDDYS DEAD THE FINAL NIGHTMARE :Losing all pretense of being a scary movie, This one is content to being a comedy. It even includes cartoon bouncing noises as Freddy uses his "powerglove" to control one kids movement in a video game dream. The only thing that saves this from being a total wash, is a pretty cool final 20 minutes, where we get to see Freddys origins. NOTABLE KILL : Turning The Deaf Kids Hearing aide on him....

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