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 The Justice Titans
When Superman and Batman of the mainstream DC Universe tried to return home from their brief and maddening adventure in The Nanoverse they ended up stranded on a Parallel World instead. In this world people they knew such as Hal Jordan a.k.a. Green Lantern and Dick Grayson a.k.a. Nightwing did not exist in a traditional sense. Rather the people and the places they knew had been merged into one. A super-powered crime spree was in progress when Superman and Batman tried to step in and help.

Superman saving a helicopter 
However Comissioner White (an amalgamation of Perry White and Comissioner Gordon) mistook them as accomplises of Doomstroke's and had his subordinates call in The Justice Titans to come and deal with the situation at hand. In mere moments The Justice Titans led by one Hal Grayson a.k.a. NightLantern (an amalgamation of Hal Jordan and Dick Grayson) arrived on the scene and attacked both Superman and Batman. However during his fight with Hawkbeast (an amalgamation of Hawkman and Beast Boy) Superman proved to Hal and The Justice Titans that neither himself or Batman were the bad guys by saving a crashing helicopter and it's pilot. Hal was amazed of course by Superman's show of strength and came to believe that they were what they said they were: Heroes.   
NightLantern and Batman have a small chat in The J-Jet
NightLantern and his fellow Justice Titans brought Superman and Batman back with them to The Justice Tower where Hal introduced them to Terranado (an amalgamation of Terra and The Red Tornado) however an alarm signal went off indicating that someone had broken into S.T.A.R.KHAM. Using the Justice Jet, the Justice Titans and both Superman and Batman made their way to S.T.A.R.KHAM. During the trip, Batman commented on how that he had two very different kinds of relationships with the two people Hal Grayson reminded him of (Hal Jordan and Dick Grayson, of course.) NightLantern is a combination of the person he trust most(Dick Grayson) and also trust least(Hal Jordan.)

 Upon arriving at S.T.A.RKHAM, Hal and the others found Doomstroke (an amalgamation of Doomsday and Deathstroke) trying to kill a man and immediately engaged him in battle. Together Hal along with his fellow teammate AquaBorg (an amalgamation of Aquaman and Cyborg) shocked Doomstroke into a brief state of submission while Donna Wonder (an amalgamtion of Donna Troy and Wonder Woman) and HawkBeast brought Doomstroke crashing down.

NightLantern and AquaBorg go head to head with Doomstroke
Unfortunately Terranado, thinking she had the advantage, tried to take Doomstroke by surprise and ended up getting her arm ripped off. That is when Superman and Batman stepped in and eventually sent Doomstroke running back to his Boss, Lex Joker (an amalgamation of Lex Luthor and The Joker.) Though Superman wanted to pursue Doomstroke, Hal said that they would eventually but for now Terranado's wounds had to be tended to and everyone returned to the Justice Tower.
 Batman and his theory
In the Justice Tower, Batman started analyzing the piece of bone he broke off Doomstroke for proof of existence of the amalgamated world him and superman were stranded on. Batman discovered there was nothing of information from Doomstroke's piece of bone and had a theory that the world did not exist and it's just a dream Superman and himself were sharing. NightLantern did not aprove completely about the theory and showed Batman a memorialized fallen comrade Ravanna(an amalgamation of Raven and Zatanna) in the Hall of Titans and asked him if she never existed, but he said that as far the dream world is concerned, It really happened. Hal asumed to Batman that if the theory was true, why they could not wake up. Batman left saying he was working on It. 
 Batman and Terranado
Meanwhile, when Terranado was trying to open the Tower's security system Batman appeared and discovers that she was a traitor. Batman told Terranado that he was not gonna let the Justice Titans be hurt by her. Then The Brotherhood Injustice jumped to action against the Justice Titans, and Superman and Batman.

Vital Statistics

 NightLantern (Hal Grayson)
Height: 5'10
Weight: 175 lbs
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Brown
Green Lantern Status: Active
Space Sector: Unknown
Place(s) of Work: Gothamopolis
Homeworld: Earth
Fisical Appearances from: Hal Jordan and Dick Grayson
Source of Power: Green Lantern Ring 

NightLantern Symbol

 NightLantern's Emblem
It's a combination from Nightwing's emblem and the Green Latern's.

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