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Nick Malloy was a local drug dealer and neighborhood bully.  One afternoon Nick met with a customer who was a demon in disguse.  The costumer told Nick he didn't have the money to pay him, so Nick suggested that the customer give him an amulet he was wearing. The demon became outraged, and he attacked Nick.  Nick was able to kill the demon with his switchblade, and then stole the amulet from the dead man.  After placing the amulet around his neck, Nick became possed by the demon, and attacked his pattern Ren by draining  his soul.  That evening, Nick attended a party where he attacked one of the guest.  Illuminator tried to save the guest from Nick, but Nick proved to be to powerful.  After feed off the soul of the host of the party, Nick started to hunt down Illuminator.  While searching for Illuminator, Nick slowly began to transform into a demon.  The more souls he ate the more demon like he became.  Nick decided he needed a code name.  After seeing his favorite movie he chose the name Nightfire.  Illuminator found Nightfire at the mall.  Nightfire tried to drain Illuminator' soul but, Illuminator released a full blast of light on Nightfire.  This seems to have destroyed Nightfire.

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