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699420 N00beditor3 Character Overview 04/27/15 05:56AM 1 Approved
693223 Comicbookman26 Character Overview 04/15/15 02:34PM 0 Approved
645859 N00beditor3 Character Overview 02/17/15 09:49PM 8 Approved
616644 antimutant001 Character Overview 01/21/15 12:13PM 2 Denied
513187 EMH_Bruce Character Overview 08/22/14 11:31AM 10 Approved
389102 wmwadeii Character Overview 03/15/14 04:16AM 16 Approved
340463 oldnightcrawler Character Guide 01/18/14 12:59PM 14 Approved
328881 Giovanni_Di_Guerra Character Overview Fixed some broken links 01/06/14 04:48PM 1 Approved
326622 Giovanni_Di_Guerra Character Overview Updated the information about Kurt form the current Amazing X-Men series 01/04/14 05:38AM 80 Approved
300586 Marvelous21 Character Overview Just a small thing, the Header was wrong on the Amazing X-Men part 12/12/13 09:04AM 1 Approved
271088 startrekfan6000 Character Overview 11/07/13 03:15PM 1 Approved
270167 startrekfan6000 Character Overview 11/06/13 06:19PM 1 Approved
267640 startrekfan6000 Character Overview 11/04/13 10:19AM 1 Approved
218125 greenlucario Character Overview 09/21/13 01:18PM 1 Approved
217361 MannEffest Character Guide 09/20/13 03:02PM 122 Approved
186198 Master_Thief Character Overview 08/17/13 10:21AM 8 Approved
161088 CosmicCommonSense Character Overview 07/24/13 04:46PM 16 Approved
157505 Fhiz Character Overview 07/21/13 01:11PM 1 Approved
74820 MarvelMan1985 Character Overview Added AOA Nightcrawler's original appearance to his wiki 05/22/13 05:04AM 1 Approved
74496 MarvelMan1985 Character Overview Took out AOA Nightcrawler's death since it's an alternate reality. Did mention his death and where it was in the AOA profile on this page. 05/22/13 01:54AM 0 Approved
67030 X35 Character Overview 05/17/13 06:11AM 5 Approved
17694 Alcamin Character Overview Added Marvel: Avengers Alliance information. 04/12/13 03:54AM 35 Approved

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