What are your fondest memories of Nightcrawler?

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I enjoyed it when Nightcrawler actually went out and met other superheroes, in this case Spider-Man and the Punisher. 


"At the lighthouse, Kurt is in the basement, setting up a workout area for himself. He is mentally complaining that Rachel and her telekinetic powers are never there when they are really needed (he is physically pulling up bars to create a jungle gym of sorts). Meggan walks in, innocently wearing nothing but a tiny black bikini, and asks Kurt what he is doing. He then swoops down and grabs her and pulls her up to the jungle gym. He then flings her across the room and acrobats his way to where she should be but, curiously, she is not there. Seeing she is flying, he then teleports around her and tickles her.

When the two fall to the ground, Kurt finds Meggan lying over top of him. As sparks begin to fly, Meggan morphs into a female version of Kurt. They are about to kiss when Brian calls to them from upstairs. Meggan responds instantly and changes back to her normal looking self. Kurt, however, sits on the floor and chastises himself for what he was about to do." - synopsis from uncannyxmen.net 
Here is the issue of Excalibur #4 in which the scene above took place: 


That first year of Excalibur was tremendous and showcased both Nightcrawler and Kitty like never before. The artwork was also top notch and the comic was actully one of the more expesive titles due to its high quality.

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