The Passing of the Blue Elf

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I recently learned that Nightcrawler has died...  
 I have always liked Nightcrawler, and I know that sometimes comic characters return from the dead ( such as Blackest Night, but hopefully not as dark), but the fact that Marvel has killed him off does not sit well with me. 
I understand those that think that being angry over a comic book character's death is ridiculous, but this is the Blue Elf we're talking about.  I liked his fighting style, his personality, his faith in others, and his dedication to the team.  
As for Marvel, I hope you are ready for the angry mob you have begun to conjure, as I am not the only one whose is angry at the stupid travesty you're responsible for.   
Until this is fixed, I guess all I can do is say I hope to see Kurt soon. The sooner, the better

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If it 's even a mild consolation, it wasn't a typical cheesy comic death, he went out with a bang. 

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yeah and it's been like 2 months so it must be one heck of an angry mob if it's taking them this long to form

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