the nice blue guy

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okay ive been reading through lots of battles and what not of NC. apparently i am missing something. i know NC is an all around nice guy but come on people he aint no Pu$$y. i have been out of comics let say for like since AOA lol. anyways i did recently start reading ultimate xmen and im just out of the loop.

im posting this because i want to know why everybody thinks nightcrawler is a push over putts. dont just leave stupid comments im looking for facts.

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i agree they probably think hes like that cuz hes religious or something

#3 Posted by ronin alexsnder (7747 posts) - - Show Bio

i read the entire battle thread last night of NC VS DD and everyone seemed to think that NC was a pu$$. i just want to be let in on all the stuff i might have missed over the years that made him outto be this way. so far what i read of him in Uxmen he doesnt seem like a pu$$
although the marvel writers did let him get recaptured by the weapon X people but come on he made an awesome attempt at an escape

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