Spolier...kinda? Nightcrawler in Wolverine.

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I'm not sure this is a spoiler...pretty sure it's not considering it's not even an actual comeback of the blue devil, but if you haven't read the issue...I don't think you should be reading this. Anyways. I just read Wolverine 07, that's volume 4, and Kurt makes an appearance and I'm a little confused here. For those of you who read it, as well, this is just a memory (or something) of Nightcrawler that Wolverine has bottled up in his head, right? Also, what was with the Phoenix cage - it's not an actually cage, but whatever - that's hidden away in his mind that Kurt's going to open? D= 

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@mistersarcastic: I've only seen the two scans. I think ti's manifestations in Logan's mind. I'm not sure if it's Phoenix Phoenix or just a visualization. 
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@The Dark Huntress: Oh okay. Well that's what I thought, I got confused for a moment. Especially when I saw the various versions of him. Some of them looked like different reality versions of Logan...
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I've read it. He wasn't back to life, but it was his soul trying to help Wolverine deal with demonic possession by unlocking a door on the astral plane.
Wolverine ran into a few other spirits of dead people during his tenure in Hell, Puck, Sabretooth, his father to name just a few.

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Why is he on the cover of the new Wolverine thing with his new school?

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@MoonKnightFan123 said:

Why is he on the cover of the new Wolverine thing with his new school?

eThe Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler is coming to the 616 Univers

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Can't they just bring him back.

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