Question About Nightcrawlers power

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A Friend and I got into a heated debate in which came down to a stand still. I was simply trying to say to him most mutant powers can be explained by science in the marvel universe simliar to Kurt's teleportation which he believes would not fall under science yet it is restricted by many laws. So when it comes down to it which do you think Kurt's power is absolute magic/natural or can be explained by science.

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Like most powers, its VERY loosely based on science. It relies on the idea of parallel universes/dimensions, which according to string theory would make sense, but the idea that he can just use his thoughts to pop through kinda violates most laws of physics. Then again so does telekinesis... and any other -kinesis power around... lol... because you cant just create energy... not to mention the opposing reaction would crush the telekinetics body lol. So it could be explained as science fiction. Its not magic, its sci-fi

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^ He goes into another dimension, and comes out of the dimension someplace else. Very loose Science. It is not realistic, yet, nearly any of the scientific explanation in comics (or Manga for that matter)
where characters acheive superhuman feats are realistic. The person above put out a few good points.

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Its science. Its not science we can utilize in the real world, but that doesn't its not science. That would mean light bulbs and computers were supernatural and magic. Not only that even mystical things in Marvel are science. Its just a matter of who has the capabilities to measure, test etc whatever down to a level that it can be applied as science. So your definitely right. Possibly the best thing your friend could argue, is that his power is not compatible with what we know about real world science. (which is something different entirely really)

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Heh the debate was sparked by a simple choice in the matter 3 mutations which is rather.....alot for a mutant. He doubt that the brightest minds of the marvel universe non-telepath users would be able to figure out. He holds a water down power from a manga but even water down it still comes down to be one of the ultimate defenses. Only flat out gods in the marvel universe would be able to get around it. To-Aru Majutsu No Index the character being Accelerator. his power is similar and it comes down to math on many occasions and he believe minds like Tony Stark Hank Macoy and many others by simply observing his  "aim feild" they would not be able to break it down to science in their world.....But I am trying to tell him Tony Stark harness the power of a sun to melt down uru metal which is no easy feat let alone finding Uru metal to make his suit. Reed Richards on multiple occasions simply pulling things out of thin air.
He won't admit it because I am trying to tell him that S.H.E.L.D as well as Xavier would have rogue files for every mutant and he believes they would not push to find out how to get around his field.
The powers were suppose to match personality him being a completely passive aggressive person and never offensive he chose all defensive powers. His three being Aim Field, Healing(other people and himself) and finally teleportation.

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He travels inter-dimensionally at super speed.

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Nightcrawler's powers are impossible in the real world, but they do not violate the laws of physics any more than any other comic book superpowers do.

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