nightcrawler is gonna die....

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don't ask me how i know this, don't ask why i think this; Second coming is the end for the furry blue elf. NOW:

  • is there any evidence of the supposed death, other then them saying it will be a "beloved" character?
  • do i want this to  happen?
But i just have a gut feeling that says its going to happen, and the gut has never lied to me before; NEVER!  any comments?
P.S. i know someone else had blogged about this before, but i was going to write this before i read the blog.
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i have the same gut feeling as well, and im not sure why either.
with the exception of there seems to be enough teleporters,
he seems to be used but not heavily, and he's really played up as the
positive character right now (making his death have an impact one the reader).

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