Has Nightcrawler and Storm

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Has Storm and Nightcrawler ever dated??Cuz I dunno in the comic they hint to having goin on but i dunno...

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They came close to having.. something, but nothing ever happened.

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Same thing with him and Rachel Grey

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lol he's just a flirt isnt he??lol

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they had a little "thing"  going on in x-men 2.

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I think Storm helped Nightcrawler get over his loathing of his appearance

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i thought there was a little chemistry... maybe not.

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Isn't Storm like 35, and Nightcrawler like 25? I'm not saying that age matters, it's just that in the comics, which is always stereo typing, they wouldn't put an extreme change for dating, or would they???????

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THey probably would, just to show they're not that scared to go there.

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They never actually had a relationship. One of the writers back in the day liked the pairing a lot , but Xmen tends to change around writers a lot so a different writer nipped it in the bud before it got too far leading to along line of failed relationships for both until she got married and he went into the priest hood [kind of].
Since relationships change at the drop of the hat with Marvel, I have mixed feelings on the issue. On one hand, I think Kurt should have at least gotten a date, on the other, I'm kind of glad that it never happened because they both have so many names on their relationship history as it is...Of course, with retacons and multiple dimensions/worlds it's hard to keep track of which happened in what story line with who and how.

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Almost, once, but no

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