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Nightcrawler spends some quality time in his natural habitat -- the dark. Before you can smell "Bamf," this spooky adventure takes our blue furry friend into the bowels of the New York subway.

Kurt, Christine, Strom and Wolverine are taking the subway to the Phantom of the Opera, but their fun is interrupted when a subway train rushes through the station way too fast. After quickly realizing that something is wrong, Kurt teleports Christine and Logan onto the train to figure out what’s going on and what they could do to help. Christine finds the conductor of the train dead and the controls severely damaged. Storm short circuits the third rail with a bolt of lightning and the train gradually comes to a stop. When Kurt gets off of the train he sees and gets attacked by a ghost that says that there are seventeen of them. Kurt talks to the mayor about the problem and is told that ghost sightings have been going on for months and that he needs to find a way to put an end to it. Before Kurt goes back to the subway to do some investigating, he visits the wife of the subway conductor. While in the subway tunnels Kurt’s flashlight fails and quickly changes the batteries, but when he turns the light back on he sees several ghosts in front of him.







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