What Makes her Bisexual?

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I know this is weird, but i've been wondering, why do people call her a bisexual? Did she do somithing bi that I messed? 
Nothing wrong with it. Just some people call her one?
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I think she had an attraction to the blonde hair girl. I haven't red Runaways since Brian left the series.

#3 Posted by doordoor123 (3810 posts) - - Show Bio

I dont think shes Bisexual. I dont think she knows if shes gay or strait.

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hi im in your topic =D. whats this about her making me interested in her now?

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Maybe she told someone she was?  I read the first few issues and I vuagly remember something along those lines happening.....I got the trade from the library so I can't go back and confirm it though :/
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The fact that Karolina Dean had a crush on Nico, does not make Nico bi.

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I think they have always had a sort of flirtatious relationship but never really acted on it. Not sure if she is "bisexual" or is just attracted to this one person slightly, we may never know but it is an ongoing thing.

#8 Posted by doordoor123 (3810 posts) - - Show Bio
@~The Wanderer~:  yeah but i think in the 9th or 10th trade, Nico says she might have feelings for her. And they have some moments.
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There is no indication that she is bi. I've read every one of her appearances and she has only shown interest in boys. Her teammate Karolina has had a longstanding crush on her but this has never become anything, Karolina however kissed her once but was rejected by Nico. In Nico's one shot it was revealing that she will always love "Alex" who she calls her first love and vows to keep this a secret from her friends.
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@Supreme Marvel
No no. Karolina liked Nico. But Nico said "That's freaky" then Xavin came and said "Marry me baby" but she was all "No thanks I'm gay" and he said "baby, I'll be a female for you."

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