Nico Minoru on the chopping block of Avengers Arena???

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So as we all know Runaways was cancelled awhile back. :( And nowadays Marvel's favorite teen team is reduced to making cameo's in other team books.

One of the newest Marvel Now books is Avengers Arena... And to my suprise Chase Stein AND Nico Minoru are on the chopping block.

Quite frankly I am worried and borderline pissed.

Nico is like Sage. By that I mean she is amazing and horribly unappreciated by Marvel.

And if she dies in the AA, I will be Royally pissed! (Get it? Battle Royal - Royally pissed. Lol :P )

Any thoughts on this?

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The first two issues of this series have been brill', and, honestly, considering the current direction of Marvel, i would not have this any other way. I'd rather have them die for arbitrary shock-value as opposed to having them rot in Limbo for all eternity for no other reason. At least this way, fans get to see them doing something worthwhile with the time they've got left, and it hasn't exactly been guaranteed that they WILL die, just that death's a given in Arcade's Arena. I'll definitely be tagging along for the ride.

And a character not dieing isn't the usual prerequisite when you choose to be a fan of said character.

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I hate this book and all that it stands for, personally. And yes, I've read both the first two issues. Hopefully it's a simulation like everyone seems to think it is, but it still doesn't look good for Nico considering the flashforward they did at the beginning of issue #1. So frustrating because I love Nico, heck I love most of the characters they've thrown into this horrible book.


Totally your choice to like the book, but them dying for the amusement of Arcade (if indeed they are really dying) is hardly a 'worthwhile' cause in my opinion.

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@Target_X: And what would you have them do ? Rot in perpetual destitution while looking for leftovers in some abandoned Motel ? Because Marvel has no intention of bringing any of these kids (except for the newly introduced ones) back to their former glories. I'd rather see them doing something where they have an actual 'purpose', however trivial that may be, than do absolutely nothing.

I'm actually sad that teenage superheroes that i actually favour, the New X-Men, were saved by the JGS's security system. This is the sort of sh*t that they're used to anyways and Aaron has no purpose for them in a title where they're SUPPOSED to receive focus.

Sadly, none of these guys were "A-List" enough to make it into the Young Avengers.


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What about the characters that aren't in 'limbo' that are forced into this travesty of a book? Laura, Hazmat, Mettle, Justin? Their book was cancelled for this! Also, you don't know that the Runaways are destined to forever be in limbo, plus they do pop up fairly often even if it is just as appearances. I would rather have the hope to see them again down the road than have them killed off for shock value. You should also go check out the previews for issue 4, they have Nico attacking Chase. <.< It's textless, but kind of WTF!?

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@Target_X: That's not really a fate i'd want for any of my fave chars. Their book was cancelled because of poor sales and irrelevancy, a place in this title (for some) should be seen as a second chance. X-23, yeah, don't know what she's doing here, considering it takes out almost all of the fake tension from the series knowing that she's not getting offed so quickly. Checked out the issue 4 preview, she's not attacking Chase directly, she's dousing the fire or doing something else. But she's not attacking him directly, i think.

At the end of the day, i like it, you don't. But Marvel's not getting rid of this title anytime soon regardless of the profound hate it has received since inception.

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Sad, but true.

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yah unfortunately for the ppl that dont like this book, it wont be ending half way through the series. ive got a feelin that the kids will eventually start playing the game. in the book Battle Royale it goes into the human psyche a lot and goes deep into the concept of fear. you dont necessarily want to kill anyone else in the game, but you dont know that they feel the same. its all about self preservation. im hoping this book will delve into those concepts a bit

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This is intense. I have for years now held on to hope the Runaways were going to make a comeback-- *guess that spark & flame went to GotG....*

Nico is one the most interesting characters in Marvel.

I don't want her getting axed just to add to X-23's kill count and popularity or whatever.

BTW thanks for the heads up on teaser 4. It's good to see some runaway action.

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@poisonfleur: PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D=

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Nico died because of the bitch Apex :(
Hazmat should melt her with nuclear radiation.
X-23 should gut her.
Axe bro should decapitate her.
My thoughts

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