Her spells.

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Why are her spells any old word she could think of? I was reading one of the runaways volumes (the story arc where the alien dudes want to take karoline but take xavin) and the whole volume she was using stupid spells like "ocean view!" Every thing I read in volumes 1-4 said not all words would work alex had alot of trouble trying to create a spell and she had trouble in the runaway/young avengers team up because she was out of words.

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@kiddevil: she cant say the same spell twice 
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I know that. But I'm just asking what changed. Her spells sucked in that one volume. I didn't know why the spells sucked was it just a writers idotic writing or is it more control over the staff of one?

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It's to show her inexperience in magic. She can't use magic in a sense like how Doctor Strange uses it but only through her staff which lets any wielder cast spells.

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