The Young Justice Book by Nick Spencer that never was

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Before the New 52 Nick Spencer was going to take over Supergirl, but he was out in just 1 issue.

After the debacle that happen with Andy Diggle on Action Comics Nick finally confesses what were his plans for the book

“by the amazing Amy Reeder— the unpublished cover for SUPERGIRL 62.

“Would’ve been fun.

“Actually, figure it’s way past time I told you what the plan was, right?

“The idea for the story was pretty simple: Kara learns how to be a leader. She had, to that point, been almost exclusively used as either a solo character, or in a supporting role on a team. I felt like someone wearing that ‘S’ on their chest would find people looking to them for answers when things got bad.

“The villain was intended to be the Luthor-Brainiac hybrid clone that Geoff Johns seeded in Adventure Comics. That scene in the one issue I did half of, with Lois running into the Planet offices, the original line was “Who here knew Lex Luthor had a son?”

“The original hope had been to use Aqualad here, too.

“The story beats that really stand out, to me:

“I know I wanted to have a scene where the fight gets really hectic, and Impulse runs away, with Kara really calmly and sympathetically talking to her about it, just the two of them, in the aftermath. That was supposed to be the big moment that Kara comes into her own.

“The entire team (except for Kara) were gonna get captured, and Kara would go to Superman, Batman, & Wonder Woman for advice— and from there, putting together ANOTHER team to rescue them (I forget who all was on that one- Black Alice, Klarion, Shining Knight, Arrowette, I think).

“The whole thing would climax at the launch party for the Flyover app, and the last scene was Impulse pulling Damian onto the dancefloor.

“My secret hope was that the whole thing could work as a back-door pilot of sorts for a new Young Justice series.

“That obviously didn’t happen : )”

Honestly, this sounds just fantastic


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I wish this happened instead of the Teen Titans we have now

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That would have been amazing.

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@haydenclaireheroes said:

I wish this happened instead of the Teen Titans we have now

yeah, this sounds so much better

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This day just gets more and more depressing.

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Sounds interesting.

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it does not impress me concept or character wise . the two characters i like here (static, robin) are better off as loners save for robin because its batman and robin, not bashing just saying i would've passed on it if it did come to fruition

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I would have preferred a younger team....Damian, Impulse, and Chris Kent as the founders...then they could have thrown in a few new characters or revamped characters like Lagoon Boy

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