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Jack Horner would encounter him during the Civil War, and cheated him out of a game of cards. He stole his magic sack that could contain anything. During this he came upon Sally Cornwelles and promised to remove death from her life, in exchange for sleeping with him. Using the sack, he contained and captured death but it had a price, nothing could die. Seeing dead soldiers along with livestock, he released Death. Death let them both go for a while, since he had enjoyed his nap. Its unknown what became of Nick Slick's magic bag.

Its revealed in Jack of Fables #16, that he had searched for Nick Slick to try and con out of several deals he had made with various Fable versions of the devil to cheat death. He'd be seen again when Jack had died, arguing over which devil should have Jack's soul. Nick proposed a game of cards, but the others quickly refused sayin' he'd either cheat or it'd be a game only he'd win.

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