Would you be Nick Fury ?

#1 Posted by Kid_Omega_Prime (1289 posts) - - Show Bio

Ok this topic is a little different then most. Insted of picking between 2 heros I am just going to pick 1 and ask if you had the chance to be him just say yes or no and give a reason why, Oh and as for the ladies your pick will be Maria Hill. So guys would you be Nick Fury ?

#2 Posted by AssertingValor (5783 posts) - - Show Bio

uh yeah!... talk about having the most exciting life of any human!

#3 Posted by HBKTimHBK (5426 posts) - - Show Bio

Why would someone not want to be Nick Fury/Maria Hill?

#4 Posted by Mr_Ingenuity (8719 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah, but seeing that much death would be the biggest draw back.

#5 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (36950 posts) - - Show Bio

No, I like having two eyes (why cant they make and LMD eye?)

#6 Posted by Kid_Omega_Prime (1289 posts) - - Show Bio

Ok So far the count is 3 yes 4 including me and 1 no. Alright lets sweeten the pot. Lets say for this thred the Nick You pick will still have all the skills, abillitys and both eyes. The eye patch was replased with a cyber eye giving nick better vision. or we can still with him as he is you pick.

#7 Posted by TDK_1997 (15396 posts) - - Show Bio

No,I want both of my eyes.

#8 Posted by guttridgeb (4833 posts) - - Show Bio

I probably would

#9 Posted by Crash_Recovery (850 posts) - - Show Bio

Nope. I'm a software analyst. That's enough stress.

#10 Posted by spawn_123 (1693 posts) - - Show Bio


#11 Edited by Guardiandevil83 (6518 posts) - - Show Bio

Yep. I get to spar with the best of the best. And what woman wouldn't want a guy with connections to some of the highest branches in government? Sounds like a whole lot of fun, adventure, and vaginal activity to me. lol

#12 Posted by bgibs13390 (946 posts) - - Show Bio

No way. I don't want the pressure. Ultimate nick said the job was like being the President the Pope and the Secretary of Defenseall rolled into one.

#13 Posted by Kid_Omega_Prime (1289 posts) - - Show Bio

Well here is the new totals... 7 yes and 4 no.

#14 Posted by GillaDro (249 posts) - - Show Bio

The white version, yes

#15 Posted by Kid_Omega_Prime (1289 posts) - - Show Bio

@GillaDro said:

The white version, yes

Ok when I said Nick Fury of corse im talking about the 616 one.

#16 Posted by Duke_Nasty (1017 posts) - - Show Bio

No doubt

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