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Does anybody remember Nick Fury from the 1602 Universe. At the end of the story, he and that world's Captain America disappeared. i would love to see that Nick make his way to the mainstream universe. Would love to see that Nick and mainstream Nick working in tandem. anybody else?
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I've only read the first 1602 series, so I don't know if he appeared in any of the other 1602 spin-offs.  But he was a great character, and I liked his paternal relationship with Parquar.  However, I don't think I'd be keen on seeing him in mainstream Marvel U.  He'd be a fish out of water, and all the information & contacts he had back in 1602 would be useless.

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I love 1602 one of the best series they ever did, but 1602 nick would be pointless in the modern world, Maybe if they did a spin off and the mainstream characters met their past selve's could lead to something interesting seeing how modern day Fury would deal with the problems back in those days, I mean we already had Cap and a few others dealing with Modern society from their stand point we could always turn it around... Or would that be to much like the current Batman story and when ever the hell he is!

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I just would love the character return SOMEHOW. He was the best part of 1602. I would hate to see a good character go completely to waste

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