Did anyone like Hasselhoff

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I don't care what you think I liked David as Nick. The movie not so much but I liked what he brought to the role. He brought the "Ah Hell! What could happen next" attitude while still doing the job. That I liked. It wasn't all about the James Bond equipment. Now I have only seen Samuel L Jackson in the first Iron Man and he seemed a bit to pleased himself. I'm sure he will do well in the movie if he keeps the Snakes on a Plane attitude   I read very little Nick Fury agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.so my opinion could be off but the impression I got was he's I guy who does his job and has little time for the niceties. Any way did you think David Hasseloff played Nick well?

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He is the Hoff... How could anyone not?
#3 Posted by Mutant God (3110 posts) - - Show Bio

I thought he was awesome
#4 Posted by 614azrael (10306 posts) - - Show Bio

he did well i think jackson will do fine tho. He brings a confident superiority i always hav n ace or 2 up my sleav atitude tht is rather fiting
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Sam was better
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He sings Secret agent Man and beat Hydra with his awesome voice.

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