Dark Reign: The List - Secret Warriors Reviewed (Fury Vs Osborn)

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What's your opinion on these "The List" books?  I have to say that I've actually been enjoying them.  When I heard all these one-shots were going to be released and tied into Dark Reign, I let out a big sigh while rolling my eyes.  As much as I haven't wanted to be liking them, I'm finding it hard not to.

This is what Nick Fury should be about.  I know a lot of people are enjoying Secret Warriors.  I'll be honest with you, I'm not exactly crazy about the team.  But seeing Nick here in action is making me look forward to what is going to happen next.  Since Clint Barton made his way into Avengers Tower, you'd think that Norman would majorly up the security.  No matter what security measures Norman could add, of course Nick will be able to get around them.  Having Nick enter Norman's bedroom and then working with him really shows the tricky nature of his world.
Jonathan Hickman and Ed McGuinness treat us to an enjoyable issue.  Hickman reminded me why Nick is a cool character.  He shows us why Nick is the one that has all the answers in the Marvel universe.  These one-shots continue to entertain.  They don't feel like cheap/gimmicky tie-ins trying to cash in on the latest 'event.'  If you're a fan of Nick Fury and/or the Secret Warriors, you'll want to see the beginning of Leviathan.
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I'm enjoying The List books, some good stuff especially this one

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That was a superb point you made about it's release date and where it falls into the story. Marvel pretty much gives up any real sense of continuity when they put characters like Wolverine and Spider-man in so many titles at the same time.
Don't you find it a tad silly that Norman has a literal hand written list, as if he was making a list of the groceries he needs? He couldn't just remember it?

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@FoxxFireArt: That's what I love about it!  I can just picture Norman scribbling down a list of names everytime he gets ticked off.  Hilarious!
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I love norman's WTF face when nick wakes him up, and I'm sure that if anyone can take norman down is THE nick fury
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When did u get so trippy with the intro?

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@reaper2923: Vinny over at Giant Bomb was awesome enough to make that for us the other day.
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I commented about that in your other review. It really is a very nice touch. He did a good job putting that together.
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WAIT WAIT norman really has cornrows?

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Haven't read a Nick Fury book yet, this sounds like a good place to start.

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@SwaggaB0y: The funny thing (or maybe just scary) is Bleeding Cool ran an article about Norman's hair in real life.  It seems that John Oxendine, Republican candidate running for Governor of Georgia in 2010 has the same hairstyle.

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Norman's hairstyle (and Sandman's) are two of the coolest in the Marvel U. I dare say its almost as iconic as Superman's S. Almost...

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G-man was johnny on the spot with his review of this issue. Remember when Nick Fury was um, a bad ass spy? Long over due Marvel.
The comparison between Nick and Norman's lists was hysterical...and one of the guys gets one crossed off and a "Fuck yeah!" for the fans. 

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I'm not even reading the "List" books..... because most of the characters featured I could care less about (Hulk, Daredevil, Secret Warriors) but I will read the ones that look promising, this isn't an even so much as it is a promotion. At the end of most of them it says "Now go see this book" so if I don't even read about the character in the first place, theres no point in buying one of these. I WILL read the ASM one though, like I read the Avengers one.
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I have all of "The List" books so far, hate to say it but either this one or the recent Hulk one is my least fav of them so far...  
Looking forward to the rest of them...
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hope they publish the list books in a tpb so i dont miss anything :)

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