dmstarz's Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #4 - Origin of S.H.I.E.L.D. review

dmstarz's favourite marvel comic cover no215

Some of the best covers are those that seem to accurately reflect the times in which they were produced. And, boy, did Jim Steranko do that on occasion. It's highly recommended, incidentally, to look up the covers for this whole series and to see the diversity of Steranko's work on display, all seeming to pull on the influences of the time, pop art, Liechenstein etc. The above image, of course, has been reproduced and parodied many times. Although he drew on certain influences of the time, Steranko has to be applauded for coming up with his own idiosyncratic take - the wavy optical illusion is a bit of a trademark. There's so much to enjoy here, it's no wonder it's much copied. Usually covers like this are a bit too busy, but when they're done with as much style and panache as this, you have to sit back and go, wow.

I have ranked this cover no 215 as part of a long term project I am producing on my own blog 'marvel-ous' on re: my favourite marvel comic book covers. Please visit and check out the other covers that have made my top 250.


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