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Nick is joined by Jimmy Woo as they face off against the devious humanoid Centurius!

So Shall Ye Reap... Death!

Former FBI agent Jimmy Woo finds himself in a house of horrors where he is attacked by skeletons. While fighting them off, Woo falls through a trap door but manages to swing into another room. He lands on the tracks of the haunted house ride but lethal gas is released from the floor making him dive into water where he fights off a croc with his tie! Escaping the water, an exhausted Jimmy Woo lies on the floor when the walls start closing in on him. Using his lighter to burn the wooden floor boards, Woo manages to escape again. This time he is greeted by Dum Dum Dugan and Nick Fury who, although still not completely trusting the agent, congratulate him on passing his final test to become an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. The entirety of the following page is dedicated to Countessa Fontaine and Nick Fury sharing an intimate night in Fury’s apartment, drawn without words in the unmistakably imaginative style of Jim Steranko.

Later, Woo and Fury are flying a S.H.I.E.L.D. jet when it hits a beam being projected from an island. The jet crashes and the agents are captured by Centurius. The former Nobel Prize winning scientist explains he has altered the evolutionary process to create new life forms from the smallest microbes. Thus his island is populated with both giant prehistoric creatures as well as humanoid animals. Centurius wants to use his space ship, the A.R.C. to destroy humanity and over a century repopulate it with his creatures, thus eradicating crime, hate and all of mankind’s follies. Hearing this, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents attack and Fury manages to escape to the outside of the island where a film crew is shooting “The Return of Kong”. Fury is attacked by a Godzilla like reptile and gets thrown into quicksand. The film’s hero, Brad Carter, rescues Fury with a Tarzan like swing after which Nick explains the situation to the crew and enlists their help.

The crew use the film’s giant robotic ape Kong to attack “Godzilla” while Fury infiltrates Centurius’ hideout. Inside Fury and Woo fight the mad scientists’ creatures and in his attempt to turn himself into a superior creature, Centurius dives into the machine that has kept him young for decades. Unfortunately for the would-be God, the process of evolution goes full cycle and he ends up transformed into a pile of slime. Meanwhile the fighting in the base causes numerous electronic malfunctions and the space ship A.R.C. crashes into the island causing the base to explode. Fury, Woo and the film crew manage to escape in the crew’s ship with the film’s Director ecstatic about the footage he’s shot.

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