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Nicholas Trask was the leader of a criminal organization located in Los Angeles.  He had crossed paths with Sheriff Morris Walters several times in the past, and had even been responsible for the death of Morris' wife, Elaine.  Morris' daughter Jennifer attempted to put Trask behind bars, but his men were sent to assassinate her which led to her becoming the She-Hulk.  At one point, he allied himself with Morris and gave him technology from Stark Industries in hopes of getting him to kill She-Hulk, though it failed.  Later, Trask built the Silver Serpent, a machine capable of burrowing itself into the earth.  He used it to siphon an oil reserve belonging to Roxxon Oil, but was stopped by She-Hulk, who sent his Silver Serpent into the earth's core.  It is unknown if Trask survived or not.

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