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When Mark Logan and his wife died, Nicholas Galtry was appointed legal guardian of their six-year old son Garfield. Galtry, wanted control of the large fortune the Garfields had let behind, went to Africa in search of the young boy. He eventually found him, and returned with him to America.
Galtry was Logan's legal guardian for years, until Logan's teenage years, when he became an associate of the Doom Patrol. Logan's team mate, Elasti-Girl, learned that Galtry was embezzling millions. Elasti-Girl convinced her new husband Mento to attempt to do something about Galtry. He refused, not believing Galtry was a criminal, until an encounter with Mr. 103, wherein he learned that Galtry had paid Mr. 103 to kill the Doom PAtrol.
Galtry began blackmailing his bankers to keep quiet about his financial irregularities so as to fool Mento's detectives. Galtry contacted a Swiss banker named Abu Hallam for a favor,. Hallam began pouring mooney into Galtry's accounts as soon as Mento's company could drain it.  Hallam turned out to be Monsieur Mallah, and the whole thing was a trap for the Doom Patrol set by the Brotherhood of Evil. Mento and the team faked their death, but before he faked his death, he set up  a case to free Logan from Galtry's control.
Mallah and the Brotherhood turned their back on Galtry after this, as they had no interest in helping Galtry if it would not bring the Doom Patrol to them. The case fell through, as the bankers were still quiet. Mento was ultimately able to steal documents directly from Galtry's safe, proving he had been embezzling. However, when an agent of the Brotherhood named Mandred  discovered Beast Boy's secret identity, he tipped off Galtry who used it in court as evidence Beast Boy's safety was being threatened by the Doom Patrol. Elasti-Girl posed as Beast Boy to prove him wrong, and Galtry lost custody of Beast Boy.
Nicholas later shows up years later as Arsenal, where he attacks Beast Boy and inadvertently pushes him to adopt a new moniker, as Changeling.

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