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Little is known about the origin of the being known as Nhut. She originated in a place beyond space and time, the Hidden Library of the Crimson Corridor in the Sad House. A librarian or chronicler for her people, she was sent, alongside her husband, and another entity known as the Celestial Pharaoh, to travel to Earth to observe and report on the happenings there. They arrive in Ancient Egypt, but when their portal to return home is destroyed she and her companions become tyrannical rulers of their new home. The humans revolt and manage to entrap and enslave them for millennia. In 1936 an experiment on their powers kills her husband. Eventually her chains are passed to Dudley Caldecott, Miles St Aubrey, and their occult Group.


Nhut was created by James Robinson and Frazer Irving. She first appeared in The Shade #9.

Major Story Arcs

The Shade

Still under the control of Dudley Caldecott and Miles St Aubrey, Nhut is used alongside the Celestial Pharaoh to bring luck to their endeavours. She and Thon are induced to suppress the Shade's powers when he attempts to unravel the Group's plots, though it proves difficult for them to maintain control over him. The pair are freed from the Group's control by the machinations of Shade, who makes constant escape attempts to goad the Group to return too much of their power to them. They immediately seek revenge against the Group, and then move on to terrorize London in revenge for their treatment. This rampage is halted by Shade, who entraps them with a pentagram and teleports them to a pocket dimension. There, she speaks with Shade and, together with Thon, explains their history, as well as that returning home will likely result in their execution for their crimes on Earth. Feeling that it is better to die at home than live amongst humans, Nhut and Thon allow themselves to be teleported back home. Her fate is unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Nhut is a type of god or extradimensional being, and as such possesses massive, largely unknown powers. She typically exists at a massive size, and appears to project or be made of light, which she can use offensively. She is functionally immortal by human standards, but can die.

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