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Ngani was a skillful Jedi Master responsible for the training of many, including Satele and Theron Shan.


Ngani was created by Alexander Freed for the comic book The Old Republic: The Stolen Suns.

Major Story Arcs

The Lost Suns

Ngani spent years posing as a slave working in the construction of the Sun Razer in an attempt to find a way of stopping it. However, when it was constructed he could do nothing as thousands of slaves were annihilated with the weapons charged by the Razer during an experiment on the construction's capabilities.

When he escaped he spent a long time traveling between planets in order to throw pursuers off. Eventually he was found by his former pupil Theron Shan. They traveled together to the star system Veska where Darth Mekhis had the Sun Razer. When they found it they decided to report back to the Republic leaders and let them decide what to do about it. However, on their way out of the system they were apprehended by the Sith. They were captured and interrogated but Theron was able to use his implants to make their way out. They split, Theron went to destroy the Star Razer while Ngani and the slave twi'lek who had been accompanying them went to prepare their ship. On their way to the ship, Ngani sacrificed himself to save the twi'lek girl. She made her way to the ship and helped Theron escape.

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