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N'Gabthoth was created by Gardner Fox, Frank Brunner and Sal Buscema in 1972 and first appeared in Marvel Premiere # 6.


Born countless eons ago, N'Gabthoth of the Forgotten Times was a powerful demon who entered the service of Shuma-Gorath. When Shuma-Gorath was neutralized with the Iron-Bound Books of Shuma-Gorath, N'Gabthoth entered a hibernating slumber, hidden in the ocean near the seacoast town of Starksboro, Massachusetts. When Dr. Strange had slain another servant of Shuma-Gorath known as Sligguth in Starksboro, it apparently roused the Shambler from his slumber.


His awakening prompted the Dark Priestess Ebora to order the reptilian townspeople called Troglodytes to capture Clea and Wong for living sacrifices to the Shambler. He emerged from his underwater lair and was immediately attracted by Ebora's summons; however Dr. Strange heard the chanting as well and rushed to rescue his friends from the approaching N'Gabthoth.

Strange's magical powers were severely weakened by the evil aura in Starksboro and was on the verge of defeat from the Shambler of the Seas. It was only with the timely assistance of the Ancient One who sent his astral self to help his former pupil that Strange proved victorious. The Ancient One shielded the evil aura from Dr. Strange and he regained the strength to attack the Shambler.

Reeling from the mystical assault, N'Gabthoth fled towards the ancient church in town where it removed an old chest with cryptic symbols beneath the wooden floor. Dr. Strange rendered the Shambler useless with a powerful attack and N'Gabthoth faded away, forced to return to the primal ooze from whence it came.

Dr. Strange opened the chest the Shambler recovered and it turned out to be an old parchment displaying a map of Stonehenge in England which was the next part of Strange's quest to defeat Shuma-Gorath.

Powers & Abilities

N'Gabthoth is an ancient demon who can survive indefinitely on land or underwater. He can withstand the enormous pressures of the ocean depths and possesses enhanced strength, durability and resistance to injury. He can also emit energy bolts from his single eye.

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