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Freedom or safety? Secrets or celebrity? Iron Man or Captain America? WE DON’T CARE! What care we for freedom OR safety when there are things that need to be kicked and exploded! Yes, “explode” can now be used as a verb. DEAL WITH IT!

The Nextwave Team attacks the headquarters of the Beyond Corportation. Deep in the bowels of State 51, the Nextwave team fights:

1) Golems, gargoyles, robots, commie apes

2) Stephen Hawking clones that shoot lasers from their eyes.

3) Ninjas, pirates, midget iron men in bondage gear, samurai with windmill for faces and MEDOK (Mobile Elvis Designed only for Killing)

4) A brotosaurus with Cyclops' visor, conjoined twin samurai, and gremlin chimney sweeps.

5) Snakes in biplanes, apes and monkeys dressed as Wolverine.

6) An ape-like sentinel, sabre-toothed tigers wearing jetpacks, and a host of old marvel aliens like the Elan, R'Malk'I, and R'zahnians.

The team is ambushed by Number None.

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