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Not in this issue: The Nextwave squad runs a marathon! Who wins? Who loses? Who crawls over the finish line? Also, they drink lots of Bromo-Fizz!

In this issue: Oh, no! The Mindless Ones are loose in an American Town and only Nextwave can stop them! Watch people get kicked and things explode!

Isn’t what happens more exciting than what doesn’t happen? LIFE IS GREAT!

The Nextwave Squad travels to the town of Shotcreek to investigate and prevent the Beyond Corporation from completing the "Magic Deal" listed in their marketing plan.

The marketing plan is a document that Beyond is using to organize the testing of their UWMD (Unusual Weapons of Mass Destruction). The "magic deal" involves contact with the Dread Rorkannu or the Dank Dimension. Beyond Corp wants to rent the Mindless Ones. Dread Rorkannu demands payment in girls. Cash also works. Dread Rorkannu prefers the suicide girls, with tattoos and blondes.

Meanwhile on the Shockwave Rider, The Captain explains to Aaron Stack why he is simply The Captain. He tried other names but they never worked out like Captain Power, Captain Ron, Captain L. Ron, Captain Universe, Captain Ultra, Captain Avenger, Captain Avalon, Captain Marvel and even Captain Kerosene. Elsa and Photon are having their own discussions, Photon admits that the worst part of being on the Avengers was that she was hit on by almost all of them...except Captain America.

Shotcreek is quickly overrun by destructive mindless ones. By the time Newtwave arrives there are over 200 mindless ones terrorizing the city. They are able to beat the first section of mindless ones and begin to spread out to the north.

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