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 The NewFrontiersman is a right wing newspaper in the graphic novel ,Watchmen. It's editor is Hector Godfrey. Hector Godfrey has a young assistant named Seymour. The paper is sold at Bernard's newstand throughout the novel and Walter Kovacs is a regular purchaser of the paper. The paper claims the Nova Express magazine is run by communists and promotes the idea of the crime fighter as good. It is attacked by the Nova Express by saying it's a bad paper if someone like Walter Kovacs later revealed as the vigilante,Rorschach reads it. Rorschach trusts the paper so much that he writes an entry of his journal about possible Armagedon and sends it for them to publish and reveal to public. 

The Slogan 

The Newfrontiersman in your heart you know it's right. 
In the comic some street punk writes wing at the end of right with spray paint as some kind of immature offense. 

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