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The Newborn was an alien hybrid, result of a Xenomorph DNA with the DNA of Ellen Ripley, organized by military scientists, Mason Wren and Gediman, in an attempt to create an Alien Queen. Surprisingly, Newborn rejected the Alien Queen as his mother and the decapitated, confusing Dr. Gediman, who called him beautiful butterfly, after having come out of the womb of the Alien Queen.

Anatomy and behavior

The Ripley's clone has acid blood, characteristic of Xenomorphs, and a thin skin, different from that of the other Alien, which was composed of chitin, conferring utmost protection and durability. He had no tail, common among humans and had eyeballs and humanoid appearance, inheriting the fangs and claws of the Alien Queen, and elongated skull of Xenomorphs. Had a childish behavior, because it had not innocence and timidness, understanding of his actions and their consequences, characteristics of human children, and had the female genital organ transmitted through the DNA of Ripley.

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