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The Scarecrow returns to Gotham University in an effort to destroy his greatest foe, a girl by the name of Becky Albright. He then flashes back to two months before hand, as he terrorized a quite Gotham suburb pitting the occupants against each other.,before the Batman captures him sending him back to Arkham with a young law student by the name of Becky testifying against him. While in Arkham he is teased by Joker and Riddler over his inability to frighten this girl from testifying against him. The teasing reminding him of his youth he manages to scare a guard into freeing him, with him returning to his gang turning down several jobs to go after something "much bigger." Scarecrow and his gang then heads to Becky's place where they kill her dog, and assault her to try and force her to retract her testimony against Scarecrow as a lie made by the Batman. 
However Becky refuses as she passes out with Scarecrow departing, stalking her from afar for weeks for the fear to build. He then makes his move on her ride on the subway attacking, and chasing her through the tunnels.He then finally breaks her, finding her fear is being judged by her looks something which Crane himself is capable of relating too, but as he was reacting to this she fled to the safety of the Batman while Scarecrow remained curious over how he had broken her. Scarecrow disguised as a janitor then enters the hospital, and overhears Becky's conversation with her doctor as she thanks Scarecrow for helping her to come to terms with her fears which will help her.
The flashbacks then end as Scarecrow corners Becky on a roof, where he admits his desire to help her offering her a conversation so she may become the Mistress of Fear. She however refuses much to his surprise,growing angry when she questions his assumption that his actions are rational drawing a scythe preparing to kill her. Batman however takes Crane down, and tells him that she's in fact what Scarecrow himself fears.Scarecrow is then taken back to Asylum where he swears vengeance and to end his fellow inmates laughing at him.

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