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Mr.Muxyzplk and several other 5th dimensional are enjoying their day, when a portal opens with a beautiful woman stepping out who lures a imp to her before eating him. She then reveals she's here to eat them all and then the dimension herself as she begins to transform,revealing herself as the Ultimator the embodiment of the 10th dimension. Mxy then tries to battle the Ultimator, however he is quickly overwhelmed prompting him to flee into his comicbook collection where he enters into the LogJam of Superheroes. Ultimator then enters the universe launching into battle with the LogJam of Superheroes as Mxy looks on, before fleeing.

Mxy then enters into the Just Us League of America where he meets SouperMan, Gatman,Wondering Woman and Martian Womanhater who are quickly defeated, as NoBrainiac rushes to join Ultimator much to Mxy's dismay. He then flees arriving in a comicbook for Lobo's nephews who are quickly absorbed. Mxy then reaches the end of his collection and decides to fight, but is swatted into a comic, which ultimator follows but is bored to sleep by the title character. He then escapes bagging the comic so he can never escape.It's then revealed that he has been telling a story to a sleeping Lois Lane and Superman, who wake up upon the imp growing frustrated and leaving.

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