who's the member you'd like to be dead?

#1 Posted by Spyder (5 posts) - - Show Bio

mine would be david.. he's the best tactician of the team.. but without the team i think he's pretty lame and makes him just a very smart guy...rockslide could pop him in an instant.. hahaha

#2 Posted by KumoriKunoichi (639 posts) - - Show Bio

If David died, Nori would flip out. If Julian died, Laura would flip out. If Elixir died, Mutants would be in trouble cause isn't he the only powered healer left? I'm curious as to what would happen if Nori died, however...either way no matter who would die, there would be major consequences.

#3 Posted by kuchiku (4104 posts) - - Show Bio

cyclops or emma

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