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"X-POSED!" A forbidden relationship comes out into the open, with consequences for everyone at Xavier’s! Stand-alone issue!

It’s another Field Day. Wolfsbane’s Paragons Squad manages to fulfill their mission in perfect time and with minimum civilian casualties, and are about to win. The New Mutants are the last ones to go. They prove to be better than the Paragons Squad, and manage to defeat “the Hulk” in even less time. After the session, the team cheers about their victory. Kevin notices that Josh and Laurie are still together, and decides to go on with his earlier threat. He visits Emma, and informs her about the former relationship Josh and Rahne had. They aren’t happy about it, and contact Wolfsbane about it. She fears that she’s going to get fired, and decides to leave the school, planning to work for Jamie Madrox fulltime. Laurie learns of it too, and angrily breaks up her relationship with Josh. He even gets into an argument with David about it. Laurie goes to tell her mom about it, but it goes wrong and Laurie angrily walks away from her mom. Meanwhile, Sofia and Jay go to learn swing dancing together in the Hunter Dance Studio. At the school, David continues to avoid Noriko after the future session in his head. Dani tries to cheer him up, but he doesn’t know how to deal with it yet. Later, Scott and Emma contact Dr. Sean Garrison and offer him to become the Institute’s counselor. He’s interested, but can’t come this semester. Emma and Scott send him some files about their students and, after seeing pictures of Laurie and her mom, Sean contacts the Headmasters again, and tells them he can join them next school year. Once the phone is down, Sean smiles, and says that he’s got big plans.
Trivia: This issue marks the first full appearance of popular New X-men Trance after her initial cameo appearance in New X-Men 7.

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