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The demon lord Belasco has banished Amanda Sefton from her fortress in Limbo, and is looking for the late Illyana Rasputin. He pulls the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning into Limbo. However, Belasco's not after the X-Men... he's come for the New X-Men. Believing that they are aware of Illyana's whereabouts following the events of House of M, he tortures the children for their knowledge of Illyana. Unfortunately, the students don't remember the House timeline. With their leaders cut off, most of the team captured, and a group of students thrown into the demon infested wastelands, all hope seems lost. But the kids aren't alone in Limbo. A hand full of them meet the Darkchilde, and she has a score to settle with her former mentor. Things are about to get much, much worse for the New X-Men.

Collects New X-Men #37-43.

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