kfhrfdu_89_76k's New X-Men 2001 #1 - The Man From Room X review

The review in room X.

First of all, the art moves in the area of good art styles that just don`t feel that special to me. It does everything right, it looks cool in many parts...but...nah, just doesn`t make me want to yell LEINIL FRANCIS YU IS AWESOME from rooftops. Also, some parts look weird, and not in a good way. Maybe you`ll like it though.

The plot has a cool new mutant, a new cool cult, plenty of action, double the page count of a New X-men issue, a gimmick about the pages, witty dialogue, great characterisation (for old and new characters), we get a theory about Emma Frosts sudden turn to heroism, there`s a bit of social commentary, the over all plot (once again) goes a few steps forward and it goes by smoothly for the most part.

The colors and inking are professional.

Lettering is done by computer.

As for the bad things...the only real one is the cover. Looks very boring, and doesn`t really tell that much about the plot.

All in all...okay stuff. Like all the New X-men issues written by Morrison, this is a crucial part of the whole story. SO, you should get this one, if you`re already reading the series.


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