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There’s something haunting the Xavier Institute, and it’s not happy. Can the New Mutants find a way to bring peace to this tortured being before they become the tortured?

After being teleported by the ghost, the New Mutants materialize over the lake and fall down. Thanks to the help of combined teamwork and the unsuspected aid of Julian, nobody gets hurt. Dani and Shan show up and explain to the kids that they have found out that they are dealing with the spirit of Jeffrey Garret, a kid who died when Magneto attacked and destroyed the school. Josh and Laurie come back from their date and kiss. Rahne sees that and she doesn’t want to ruin Laurie’s happiness, so she brakes up their relationship for good this time. However, none of them notice being overheard by Kevin from up in his room. The next day, Kevin pays a visit to the psychiatrist his advisor, Emma Frost, picked out for him, namely Dr. Sean Garrison. Later that night, Sofia asks Dani to close down the school cafeteria to hold a séance. Jay refuses to help, because he’s mad at the ghost because he messed with the photo of his lost love, Julia. But the group gets the help from both Dani, who offers her old Valkyrie powers, and Julian, who wants to clear his name. Together, they contact Jeffrey and convince him to stop haunting everyone. Kim realizes that she’s not a mutant and feels sorry, but David cheers her up and is happy to know that Kim most likely will never be the victim of hatred and prosecution. Noriko promises Jeffrey to help him when he needs it, and brings him to Shan’s class of Institute’s lower school.

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